Genivate 23 is an innovation project to help streamline and scale up genomic testing.

It’s open to all members of the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance. Team up, brainstorm ways to improve genomic data management, and road-test your solutions – with up to $80,000 in funding and the support of digital health experts.

Join Genivate 23

Genivate 23 can help you solve data management problems.

Genomics is one of the most complex tests in medicine, with challenges at every step from ordering to reporting and beyond. Genivate 23 is an opportunity for laboratories to work together to make testing and data management easier.

Maybe ordering a genomic test should be simpler. Or you’d like to try AI tools for variant curation. Or you’d like to stop manually uploading and downloading data. Whatever the issue, Genivate 23 can help you road-test a solution.

Who is eligible?

Genivate 23 is open to members of the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance. This includes The Royal Melbourne Hospital, The Royal Children’s Hospital, The University of Melbourne, WEHI, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, CSIRO, Australian Genome Research Facility, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Austin Health and Monash Health.

We’re keen for clinicians, laboratory scientists, researchers and anyone in our Alliance member organisations to get involved.

Pitch your idea

Pitches for the first round of Genivate 23 funding are open until Wednesday 13 September 2023.

Your idea pitch should be about one page long (Word, PowerPoint or even video is fine).
It should include:

  • Title of the idea
  • Context and approach: how does the idea relate to genomic information management and what problem does it solve?
  • Potential team members and partners (noting that the lead must be an Alliance member)

Idea Pitches will be assessed by the Melbourne Genomics Innovation and Prioritisation Committee.

They will be looking for:

  1. Relevance to Genomic Information Management
  2. How innovative is the idea?
  3. Innovation approach (anticipated), including constraints and assumptions for validation

You can pitch for up to $10K to develop a full Genivate Project Pitch.

Send us your idea

What happens next?

If your idea is accepted, you’ll be notified in mid-September.

The next step is a pitch.

You can get up to $10k to turn your idea into a project pitch. You can choose to spend these funds internally or outsource if needed. We also have a number of vendors and consultants who would be happy to collaborate with you, either with in-kind support or services.

Project pitches are due by 24 October 2023. You’ll be invited to present your pitch to the Innovation and Prioritisation Committee after that date.

Prototyping comes next.

If your pitch is accepted for further funding, you can get up to $80k to complete a prototype, proof of concept or minimum viable product.

The funding can be used to internally resource or outsource any activities in this phase.

We end with a showcase in March 2024. Each team will present their prototypes and insights, together with a simple final report.

Download our fact sheet about the Genivate 23 process.

Got a question?

Email our genomic information management team. We’re here to help!


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