Melbourne Genomics has commenced its final program of work.

By 2025, we aim to see genomics used more widely in clinical care, a workforce equipped to practise genomics, and a shared clinical system to support Victorian genomic health investigations.

Our projects

Genomics in practice

Projects that will see more Victorian health services ready and able to offer genomics.

  • Children with undiagnosed genetic conditions
    Increasing the use of genomic testing to find answers
  • Superbugs
    Sequencing antibiotic-resistant microbes to track and prevent their spread
  • Cancer
    Bringing genomics into the care of Victorians with advanced cancers
  • Supporting hospitals to implement genomics
    Developing tools to support decision making and change management
  • Clinical change
    Solving the challenges of bringing genomics into different clinical settings
  • Access and equity
    Understanding how First Nations and CALD patients use genetic services
Clinicians and patient

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Genomics workforce

Genomics will be part of many professions in Victoria’s current and emerging workforce.

  • Those using genomic testing
    Supporting clinicians to build the knowledge to implement genomics in their practice
  • Those conducting genomic testing
    Meeting demand for a laboratory and data science workforce skilled in genomics
  • Enduring genomics education
    Enabling professionals to keep their knowledge up to date in a changing field
Clinicians discussing a case over Zoom

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Genomic information management

These projects will take our GenoVic clinical system forward and support the ethical use of genomic data for clinical care and research.

  • Innovation pathways
    Ensuring GenoVic keeps pace with new developments in genomics 
  • Data access and reuse
    Enabling clinical data to be shared and reanalysed, with strong protections in place
  • Privacy and security
    Ensuring GenoVic continues to meet industry-wide cyber security standards
  • Service delivery
    Evolving GenoVic as a mature clinical product, supporting a growing number of users
Data scientist with a laptop

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We could talk genomics all day, but we’ll send you only what’s useful and interesting.

Melbourne Genomics acknowledges the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, on whose lands we work, and all First Nations peoples across Victoria. We pay respect to Elders past and present. We also acknowledge the First Nations health professionals, researchers and leaders who are shaping the future of genomic medicine.

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