Melbourne Genomics education events, courses and other training opportunities for medical professionals and data scientists.

Education events for clinicians

Genomics in the Clinic - Shepparton


April 2023

  • 2 hours
  • In-person
  • For physicians in the Shepparton area

Learn about the use of genomic testing in your practice, working through clinical cases with experts.

This workshop will cover when to use genomic tests, how to interpret test reports, and potential implications for patient management.

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Education events for medical scientists

Introduction to Germline Clinical Variant Interpretation


February-April 2023

  • 3 days of workshops over 3 months
  • In-person + interactive online pre-reading
  • For medical scientists who have moved or are ready to move into germline genomics
  • Also relevant to clinicians, researchers and data scientists involved in germline genomics

Variant interpretation is the process of finding and prioritising the variants found in a genomic test, then collecting and curating evidence to determine how likely they are to explain the cause of a condition or cancer, and identifying treatments the patient may respond to.

Learn the principles of variant interpretation and clinical bioinformatics.

Experts in the field review the online content and lead you through practical examples and case studies with peers.

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Advanced Clinical Variant Interpretation for Inherited Disorders


October-November 2023

  • Two all-day workshops, a month apart
  • Workshops cover advanced topics and complex cases
  • In-person + interactive online pre-reading
  • For medical scientists who want to extend their knowledge and skills in diagnostic testing for rare germline disorders

Learn directly from experts in the field.

This course provides an opportunity for those already practising variant interpretation to refresh their understanding of key principles and processes.

Participants apply and extend their knowledge and skills by working through more advanced topics and complex cases.

Education events for data scientists

Genomic testing generates a very large amount of DNA data. The expertise of specially-trained data scientists is needed to analyse, interpret and securely store individuals’ genomic information.

We’ll be running future education sessions for data science professionals. Sign up to our email list to hear about it first.

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