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Current phase: 2016-2019

Genomic sequencing is being made available to 2,000 patients with specific medical conditions during the period 2016 to 2019, in tandem with their usual care.

Particular patients being treated at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, The Royal Children’s Hospital, The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Austin Health and Monash Health are being invited to participate.

Through 11 projects over four years, we are investigating whether genomic sequencing can provide:

Quicker and more accurate diagnosis, leading to better care for

More precise diagnosis and treatment for

Improved understanding

Teams of doctors, genetic counsellors, health service researchers and scientists from across the Alliance are working together to offer genomic sequencing to patients fitting specific criteria, to evaluate the impact of genomics on medical care.

This work builds upon Melbourne Genomics’ Demonstration Project (2014-2015), in which 315 patients with one of five medical conditions were provided genomic sequencing.

Key findings from this demonstration phase show that patients get quicker, more accurate diagnosis and more personalised care when sequencing is delivered within healthcare. Importantly, we found that, for certain medical conditions, genomic sequencing can replace other tests – resulting in better use of precious healthcare dollars.