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Genomics in the clinic workshop

Image of DNA strand with DNA code

A recent one-day Alliance workshop focusing on genomics for clinical care professionals proved a sell-out success, attracting more than 40 participants for an in-depth learning experience.

The workshop was designed to assist professionals to better understand the process of genomic testing and the resulting reports, as well as how results can be used in the clinical setting. Attendees were drawn from across Melbourne Genomics’ member organisations and represented a mix of clinical, laboratory and research staff.

“The workshop covered genomic principles, the genomic testing pipeline, report interpretation and applications of findings in the clinic – developing a broad understanding that professionals will increasingly need as genomics comes into mainstream medicine,” said Fiona Cunningham, who is coordinating professional education for Melbourne Genomics.

“The workshop evaluation shows that attendees felt their knowledge was improved, and that they would be using what they learned in daily practice – which is what we love to see!”

One participant noted: “As a bioinformatician, it helps to understand the subtle differences in variants’ significance and consequences… [The session will assist me in] assessing data quality and analysing data in the most relevant possible way.”

And from another: “An excellent [and] valuable day. Thank you to all the speakers.”