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Alliance making international impact

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Key findings and health economic data from Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance’s Demonstration Project has been increasingly making an international impact in 2016.

Ten papers on Demonstration Project findings have been submitted to date, and four have been published so far in Genetics in Medicine, Genome Medicine and Briefings in Bioinformatics. Presentations have been given at major international conferences in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as across Australia.

Most recently, Genomics England and Genome Canada have requested use of cost-effectiveness data from the Demonstration Project’s Childhood Syndromes Flagship, to support their national arguments for the use of genomics in healthcare.

“Our prospective approach and economic analysis are increasingly recognised as leading the field and providing invaluable data to support submissions for funding,” said Melbourne Genomics’ Executive Director, Associate Professor Clara Gaff.

There has also been strong interest in the Alliance’s approach to patient consent for genomic sequencing, specifically the clinical exome consent form being used by Melbourne Genomics and some member hospitals. The consent form, information sheets and user guide have now been shared internationally.

Back home in Victoria, the Alliance submitted a response to the Victorian Government’s Genomic Health Care Discussion Paper in September, and we have also provided government with the Demonstration Project Evaluation Report.