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Better diagnosis for patients; improved superbug protection: more genomic sequencing in Victoria

A world-leading project aiming to improve control of superbugs among high-risk hospital patients is one of five new projects that will see more patients in Victoria access genomic sequencing in healthcare.

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100 children and families finally get answers through genomics

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance are celebrating the milestone of 100 Australian families who now have a diagnosis for their child’s previously undiagnosed genetic disorder – thanks to genomic sequencing.

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Results demonstrate the success of genomic medicine

Patients get quicker, more accurate diagnosis and more personalised care when genomic sequencing is delivered within healthcare, our Australian-first study shows.

Victorian Health Minister, The Hon Jill Hennessy, today announced key findings from the Demonstration Project of the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance, which during 2014-2015 provided genomic sequencing to selected Victorian hospital patients and evaluated its usefulness for medical practice.

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Background about Melbourne Genomics and its work

Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance will provide around 2,000 genomic sequencing tests to Victorians  over the next four years. And many more Victorians will benefit in the long term from the Alliance’s work in integrating genomics into everyday healthcare.

Genomic medicine holds huge promise for human health, but, across the world, experience shows that there are also many challenges to implementing genomics into everyday healthcare for the benefit of patients.

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Background about genomics

Genomics has huge potential to improve healthcare. Looking at a patient’s genome may help doctors diagnose illness more quickly and easily, as well as working out what treatment/management might best help.

Genomics is a rapidly advancing field worldwide, which examines an individual’s complete set of genetic information (the genome) to identify changes (variants) that may impact on health. Genomics offers enormous potential to improve diagnosis and provide more personalised treatment/management of medical conditions.

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