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If you need a genomic test

Genetic and Genomic Testing Explained
A plain English brochure for parents and carers of children who may have genetic conditions. Produced by SWAN Australia. Also available in Easy English.

Finding a Diagnosis
A plain English brochure that explains diagnostic pathways for parents and carers of children with rare conditions. Produced by SWAN Australia. Also available in Easy English.

What is a gene test?
An Easy English brochure for parents and carers of children who may have genetic conditions. Produced by SWAN Australia.

What is genomic or DNA testing?
An animated video that helps you understand what genomic testing might mean for you.

Genomics Information Toolkit
This toolkit from Queensland Genomics is specific to Queensland patients, but has a useful list of terms and is available in multiple languages.

This site from Australian Genomics gives you reliable, up-to-date information on genomic testing.

Genomics resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Educational materials on DNA, genetic health and precision medicine, from the Indigenous Genomics Health Literacy Project.

Navigating the health system

A guide on how to navigate the genetic health system, from Genetic Support Network Victoria.

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Dive deeper into genomics

Genomics glossary

A collection of some of the common genetic and genomic terms you may come across in easy-to-understand English.

Genomics: A beginner's guide
An online learning module that explains genomics and genomic testing in healthcare.

Genomic sequencing
An explanation of the genomic sequencing test provided by the Victorian Clinical Genetics Services.

Understanding genomics (100,000 Genomes Project)
Infographics and videos from Genomics England that break down various aspects of genomics.

Fact sheets on genomic testing
This resource hub from the NSW Health Centre for Genetics Education covers everything from ordering tests to informed consent and pharmacogenomics.

COVID-19: what is genomic tracing and how does it work?
This ABC article breaks down how genomic sequencing is used to track COVID-19 transmission.

An online newsroom for scientists and business and technology professionals interested in genomic sequencing.

Podcast: The G Word
Hosted by Genomics England, this accessible and interesting podcast features almost everyone connected to genomics.

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Online DNA testing

Genioz study
If you’re considering an online DNA test or other personal genomic test, this resource can help you make an informed decision.

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Teaching resources

Presentation: Introducing Genomics
Need to explain genomics to colleagues or students? This presentation covers the basic concepts.

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Support groups

Genetic Support Network of Victoria
GNSV helps people with genetic conditions to access services and connect with support groups.

SWAN Australia
SWAN (Syndromes Without A Name) exists to support families caring for a child with an undiagnosed or rare genetic condition.

Directories: support groups, community services and genetic conditions
These directories from GSNV can help you find the right service, support group or information about your genetic condition.

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