A digital health platform for genomics. A safe way to manage genomic data.

Put a thousand copies of War and Peace through a shredder. Reassemble each book, letter by letter. Check every word for spelling mistakes. Then check every mistake to see if it alters the meaning of a sentence. Then check if that sentence changes the meaning of a paragraph.

We often use this analogy to explain the data complexity of a single genomic test.

Melbourne Genomics has built GenoVic – a clinical-grade platform for laboratories that can facilitate each step of this test, securely store the big data it generates, and enable that data to inform a patient’s care.

Why GenoVic exists

From 2014 to 2020, Melbourne Genomics member laboratories needed to perform thousands of genomic tests. There were software tools to manage individual stages of a test, but no clinical-grade system to support the end-to-end testing workflow.

So we built one together, for use across multiple laboratories.

Our system, GenoVic, combined purpose-built bioinformatics pipelines and a variant curation tool with the best testing products on the market – all orchestrated through a unique workflow system.

GenoVic was critical to demonstrating the clinical utility of genomics in Victoria. Four leading pathology laboratories now use it to support accredited genomic sequencing tests.

And that was just the start. We are maturing GenoVic’s capabilities and service provision, so that it can inform a lifetime of precision healthcare for Australians.

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How GenoVic works

Designed for health

It’s designed for clinical genomic testing, with health data standards and high security.

Combines multiple tools

It’s a platform for multiple best-of-breed analytics tools. Tools can be added or removed as needed.

Orchestration engine

Its orchestration engine makes a complex test straightforward.

Multiple workflows

It’s flexible enough to accommodate multiple different workflows.

Secure by design

The big data from genomic tests is managed securely in the cloud.


It’s designed to be interoperable with other health data systems, opening the door to precision medicine.

“Interoperability was one of the biggest considerations in GenoVic’s design. The need to exchange data between pathology providers and clinicians treating patients was key to supporting patient care and safety.”

Dr David Hansen
CEO of Australian eHealth Research Centre, CSIRO

Download our information sheet: GenoVic: A clinical system for genomics

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You can also talk to us about managing genomic data or onboarding genomic technologies in your laboratory.


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