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Report shows impact of community advice

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The Community Advisory Group for Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance has released a report on its work and impact during the Alliance’s first two years of operations.

Key areas of impact cited in the report include communication and visual identity, financial and strategic planning, patient consent, information management, and evaluation.

The Community Advisory Group was established at the earliest stage of the Alliance's development, in January 2014.

"We believe this to be a first – bringing together a precinct-wide Community Advisory Group on a project with significant public and personal health implications," said group member Liat Watson, a key author of the report.

Originally developed for reporting to Melbourne Genomics’ Steering Group for the Demonstration Project, the Report, An Ounce of Prevention, is now being released more widely. The report captures the value to be gained from early community engagement and the co-design of projects with community advice.

"We have taken a very proactive approach in seeking out and acting upon community advice," said Melbourne Genomics’ Executive Director, Associate Professor Clara Gaff. "Possibly unique among genomics initiatives internationally, this ongoing community-based group determined when and how there should be consumer input into the program. We have followed their advice, and the outcomes have been greatly strengthened as a result."

Access a copy of the report.