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Translating Genomics, Transforming Care

Melbourne Genomics Symposium, 7-8 November 2019


Date: Thursday 7 October-Friday 8 October 2019

 Time: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm AEDT

Venue: The University of Melbourne, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, Carrillo Gantner Theatre, Parkville, VIC 3052


Join local and international speakers as Melbourne Genomics presents new findings and insights at the Translating Genomics, Transforming Care symposium.

The symposium will highlight how the Alliance is driving and accelerating change; yielding more precise and personalised care for patients, as well as savings and efficiencies across the healthcare system.

Translating Genomics, Transforming Care will celebrate the many achievements of the current four-year Melbourne Genomics program, and discuss how to build on this foundation to tackle the next horizon of challenges and opportunities.

Five years ago, Melbourne Genomics’ founding members pledged to innovate together to bring the benefits of genomics to Victoria's patients. The Alliance is transforming this vision into reality: generating world-leading evidence, and building local knowledge and experience – to guide the implementation of genomic medicine.

International Keynote Speakers

Professor Dame Sue Hill DBE 
NHS England's Chief Scientific Officer, leading translation of genomics into the NHS

Jillian Hastings Ward
Chair of the Participant Panel for the 100,000 Genomes Project, leading patient advocate

Symposium Topics

  • Right patient, right test: new results from Melbourne Genomics' Clinical Flagships 
    (covering germline and somatic conditions, as well as infectious disease genomics)

  • Internationally leading approaches to assessing/establishing the value of genomics in healthcare

  • Making a difference: from Clinical Flagships to hospitals and the healthcare system

  • Creating pathways: supporting clinicians and medical scientists to deliver genomics in Victoria

  • Big data in practice: the realities of overcoming system (and human) challenges

  • How could we deliver predictive genomic findings in Victoria? Lessons from prototype projects

  • The Alliance's Clinical System for Genomics, GenoVic: from foundation to innovation

  • Reading the genome: overcoming challenges and setting the scene for future innovation in variant curation

  • What genomics teaches us about the path forward to precision medicine


We invite you to join us to discover novel ideas and fresh approaches to genomic healthcare, to learn and to exchange ideas at this milestone event.

Click below for the full program.

Symposium Program