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Project portfolio

Melbourne Genomics’ clinical and capability-building projects (2016 to 2020) put genomic testing to work in healthcare: establishing systems to support genomics in practice, and producing evidence to guide genomic medicine in Australia and internationally. Key findings, experience and lessons learnt across our five areas of work are shared in this project portfolio.

Evaluating clinical utility of genomics in care

Projects that investigated the impact of genomic testing in diagnosis and care for patients with genetic diseases or cancer, and in controlling 'superbugs'.

Developing the genomic workforce

Projects that built the workforce capability needed to deliver genomic medicine.

Considerations in implementing genomics

Projects that investigated key considerations in bringing genomics into clinical care: patient perspectives, the impact on genetic services, and the role of preventative health findings and new technologies.

Genomic data and information systems 

Projects that developed the infrastructure, software, policies, procedures and agreements necessary to ensure ethical and secure access to genomic data for clinicians and patients.

National and international connections

Projects that communicated knowledge, experience and results, and that built national and international connections.