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Symposium demonstrates success

DNA double helix and GATC code
Melbourne Genomics is presenting a symposium highlighting findings from the Demonstration Project (2014-2015). The symposium, "Demonstrating success: Outcomes 2014-2015" will be held on Thursday 1 September from 1pm to 5.30pm at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Parkville.
Melbourne Genomics’ Demonstration Project tested a whole-of-system approach to:
• evaluating genomics in practice
• upskilling relevant professionals
• managing genomic information
The symposium will highlight:
Lessons learnt from the clinical ‘Flagships’, spanning adult/paediatric medicine, cancer/germline conditions
• when and how genomic sequencing is useful for patient care
• considerations for (future) service delivery
Impact of shared approaches
• for analysis and management of genomic information
• to consent and ethical issues

Symposium attendance is free. To register click here.