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Melbourne Genomics experts featured in ABC podcast on potential of genomic medicine

A new podcast now available from ABC Radio National’s Big Ideas program, ‘Is genomic medicine delivering on its potential?’ was recorded at a Melbourne Genomics public forum held late last year.

Host Paul Barclay moderates a discussion on how genomic testing is changing care for patients with rare diseases, cancer and superbugs, as well as discussing some of the ethical questions involved in using genomics to predict future illness in healthy people.

The podcast, and accompanying ABC Radio National broadcast, features views from four experts: Professor Dame Sue Hill (who heads genomics for NHS England), Jillian Hastings Ward (Chair of the 100,000 Genomes Project Participant Panel), clinical geneticist Professor David Amor, and Professor Clara Gaff (Executive Director of Melbourne Genomics).

“Certainly, in my practice – which is primarily paediatric – the diagnosis and management of children with rare diseases from five or 10 years ago you would not [now] recognise,” said Professor Amor. “The way we practice now, we are able to make diagnoses in as many as 10 times as many patients as we could a decade ago.”

The parent of a child diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, Jillian Hastings Ward commented: “[Through genomics] we were able to find a community around the world… who were in similar positions, and that’s been a wonderful source of support… Even though none of them had an immediate magic bullet treatment available, at least being able to compare notes was a fantastic start.”

For more information, or to listen to the broadcast/podcast, click here.

The free public forum, ‘How DNA testing is transforming your healthcare’ was presented at the State Library Theatrette by Melbourne Genomics on 14 November 2019.