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GenoVic security assessed as best practice, develops cyber security strategy

GenoVic – the Alliance’s shared clinical system for genomics – recently underwent its latest annual independent security review. Focused on GenoVic’s cloud-based hosting environment, the review confirmed that the system conforms with cyber security best practice.

The review was conducted by specialist cyber security firm Privasec.

“From the outset, we have always understood the importance of best practice security as one of our key priority for this clinical system,” said Dr Natalie Thorne, Lead of the Innovation and Technology team. “That is why, since GenoVic’s inception, we continuously assess and test the system’s security.”

“It’s really pleasing to again be able to confirm that GenoVic’s architecture, design and operation is in line with industry best practice.”

Following the security review and stakeholder consultation, a four-year cyber security strategy and roadmap for GenoVic has now been developed. This strategy establishes a framework for cyber security risk and incident management processes, and cloud and security control management.

“Establishing a cyber security strategy ensures the Alliance continues to evolve GenoVic’s security capability and respond to threats,” said Dr Thorne.

GenoVic is a world-leading all-in-one solution that manages, analyses and stores the data generated by genomic testing. Developed by and for the 10 members of Melbourne Genomics, GenoVic is the first system globally to perform all these functions in genomics, using common architecture standards, shared across multiple, independent organisations.