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Genomics in the clinic: A workshop for health professionals

This one-day workshop on 25 November will assist healthcare professionals to better understand and apply genomic sequencing in clinical practice.

The session will benefit specialist physicians, nurses, allied health workers and health executives with an interest in genomics in healthcare.

The workshop will cover:
*  the principles underlying genetic and genomic sequencing
*  the process of genomic testing (gene panels and whole exome sequencing)
*  the importance of specialty input in variant interpretation and review of variant classification
* resources for researching and interpreting reported variants
* applying genomic results in patient care

Attendance is free for staff of the member organisations of Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance.

Workshop includes morning/afternoon tea, and lunch.

Places are limited. To express your interest in attending, please email: fiona.cunningham@melbournegenomics.org.au